Start a New Project

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Start a new project

3DQuickForm support multiple projects and you can compare the results easily.

To start a new project:

  1. Click 3DQuickForm, New Project Or Right click on Manager tree
  2. From the properties manager, accept all the default Parameters. Select the co-ordinate system representing the punch direction in Z-
  3. Click OK when finished.


Project Properties Manager

Project Properties Manager

Project Name – Input project name

Simulation Type – Stamping & Flanging


Preflattening – Turn ON if the

part is having undercut area

Coordinate System – Punch

direction can be defined

by  coordinate system; Refere

nce plane or planar face

Output Options

Output 2D Sketch – Turn OFF for Flanging and Initial

blank simulation have 3D output. Check this box to get a

2D sketch.

Fit Biarc – Fit 2D output by line or arc based on the


Output Face Edges – Face edges will be mapped to the

result sketch.  .