3DQuickPress Selection Toolbar

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3DQuickPress Selection Toolbar

Description: C:\Data\Documentation\3DQPV3Help\Help\Images\3DQuickSelectionToolbar.JPG

     Select by Layer – Select all entities in the same layer in drawing document.

     Select Line – Select all line segments in the sketch.

     Select Circle – Select all circle segments in the sketch.

    Select Arc – Select all arc segments in the sketch.

    Select Spline – Select all spline segments in the sketch.

     Select Hole on Selected Face – Select all full circle hole loops on the selected face.

     Select All Planar Face – Select all planar faces in the body.

     Select All Face on Body – Select all connected faces on the selected body.

    Select Faces with Same Color – Select all faces that have the same color as the selected face.

     Select Bounding Faces – Select all faces inside the bounding of the selected faces.

    Copy Faces – Copy the selected faces to the clipboard.

    Paste Faces – Paste the copied faces in the clipboard to the document.

    Options – Options for copy and paste faces.