Bend Parameters

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Bend Parameters

Launch the Bend Table database. Allow user to edit Bend allowance for each independent bend.

Bend table

Strip - Select stock material

View Mode - Toggle between consolidate and detail mode

Consolidated mode group identical bends together; any modification will apply to all bends with the same bending angle and internal radius.

Detail mode list all the bends in each row and allow user to change bending allowance based on the particular bending technology; e.g. U-bend and L-Bend may have different bending allowance.

Bending Feature - The bend display in the Unfold manager Design Tree

Bend Radius - Internal bending radius of the bend

Bending Angle - Bending angle in degree

BA Option - Select the formula to calculate the bending allowance

K-Factor - Assign K-Factor Value 0.1 – 0.5 and determine by the ratio between IR/t.

Bend Allowance - Input the exact value for the bend.