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A branch is a healthy region which is detached to User Defined Feature before the UDF is fully formed.

To unfold a twisted part:

  1. The part is unfolded and the twisted region is Unknown.
  2. Use User Assist Recognition and set this region to User Defined

  1. Set Step 0 active and set the blank faces by Set Face

The branch region is not connected to the blank face. Create branch reference face which teach the branch region to attach to the UDF

  1. Duplicate a reference face from the Solid by Offset Surface

  1. Translate the reference face by Move/Copy Bodies

  1. Rotate the reference face -90degree by Move/Copy Bodies

  1. Use Set Branch Ref. Face shortcut to attach branch to UAR

Branch with simple transformation can be align to UDF by vector

Point to point translation is also possible by selecting from/to points in each box.