Center of forces

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Center of forces

        Force analyzer for multiple die block structure

o         Bending force is included    Pb=soLh2/2(R+h/2)tan(a/2)


a = Bend angle

R = Internal bend radius

L = Bend length

H=sheet thickness

s0 =Yield strength

        centre of force for selected region

        User can add force vector

To create force vector:

1.      Create a rectangle to define the area you are interested

2.      Right click on strip layout tree and select

3.      Select the rectangle and click OK, if sketch is not selected, all features in the strip layout will be used

4.      2 3D Sketches are created, the 1st sketch is the force vector of the features inside the rectangle,

 the 2nd sketch is the resultant or centre of force.


5.      Manual editing allow user to add/remove force vector and change the arrow attribute