Create user-defined component

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 Create user-defined component

Create User Component can be used to handle forming features; die insert; guide block by selecting a subassembly or part.

Previous  and Next  Buttons  for switching main page and user parameters page

Button to browse PRL outside the system path

A. For the selection of a functional group

B. For the selection of the PRL under the functional group

  Input file name for the UDC     

  For the selection of strip layout for linking purpose

  Select the 3DQuickPress feature type for linking purposes.

   SL Feature-update the change related to the feature

   Station-update the change related to insert/remove station

   None- only inserts the component which will have no effect upon any strip layout modification.

  For the selection of the Feature/Station to be linked

  For the selection of SolidWorks and strip layout geometry

Round Type & Rectangular type should be selected manually. Or automatically assigned if the root file of the PRL have a file property called Shape = O or Shape = R

O = Round                               R = Rectangular

Size-Bounding box/Circle for the selected data, all values can be override.


 Select A datum plane to for the PRL X-Y Plane to align with

 Input the rotation angle of PRL

 Select a line for the orientation of Rectangular UDC

Use of rotation angle

Use of  datum plane 

Page 2

Content of PRL parameters.def

Dimension Name                      Description

<Corner>                     <Chamfer length>

<FilletRad>                  <Fillet Radius>

User defined preview bitmap