Interference Detection

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 Interference Detection

Interference detection is used to check the interference in die set. 3DQuickPress Interference Detection is able to consider surface interference as well. The interference region will be an imported body as a reference to model the clearance.

To detect interference between strip and punches:

  1. Click 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickTools, Interference Detection
  2. In Targets selection box, select all components by window select in graphic area or from fly out assembly tree

  1. In Tools selection box, select strip layout file from fly out assembly tree(cannot select from graphic window). Or click Search components button to search for interfered components autoamtically.

        Bending steps - intermedidate strip layout with bends

        By angle - input angles for Bending Steps

        Superimpose - for strip layout

  1. Click Check buttons to check if the selected tool components interfered with the selected target components.
  2. Check the Create link folder for result check box
  3. In the Ignore group box, check Invisible Solid bodies and Invisible sheet body.
  4. Click OK to finish
  5. If interference is detected, Click OK to launch Window Explorer

  1. Double click any file shortcut to fix the interference problem by all means