Material database structure

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Material database structure

The material database gathers the material property information and the stock information of the strip. These information will be used in unfold and strip layout design process.

There are three major data table in the 3DQuickPress material database. They are the Material table, the System Bend Parameter table and the Specific Bend Parameter table.

Material table

The material table keeps the material properties of various raw materials, like Al3004, AL6010-T4, SPCC, and etc. The information in the table includes the shear strength, yield strength and density of the raw material.

System Bend Parameter table

The system bend parameter table keeps information about the K-factor, Bend Allowance and Spring Back Ratio for different Radius to Thickness Ratio. This table is material independent. It only holds the dimensionless data.

Specific Bend Parameter table

The specific bend parameter table contains information about the stock for the strip. This is a user specified part of the database. The information includes the raw material of the strip, which must be one of the raw materials in the material table. There are information about the thickness of the strip, bend radius, bend angle, K-Factor, bend allowance and spring back ratio.