Modify Dimension

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 Modify Dimension

Propagate 3DQuickPress parameter and or a Solidworks dimension change to all documents. Most of the components are driven by common parameters like stock thickness; width… Or any user defined global parameters like fitting clearance.

Dimension Group

Select dimension group to list out related dimension name

Input value

The new value for the parameter

System/User Dimension

List box to select 3DQuickPress parameters, user is able to key dimension name.

Automatic selection dimension by name

Select all dimension in the model with the dimension name in the list box

Use Table

Use table style to list out all dimension that has the same name in the model

Update Dimension/OK

Confirm change of dimension

To change cutting clearance for all piercing punches:

  1. Click
  2. Select C3 from list box
  3. Input 0.06mm
  4. Click OK to finish