Prepare the assembly

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Prepare the assembly

2.                  Create a new assembly and save it as LD-99.SLDASM

3.                  Create new part files LDDI-99.SLDPRT

4.                  Click Insert, Part and select file <3DQuickPressV2>\PunchDesignTemplate\01DieSetStructure.SLDPRT.

5.                  Check the Plane Option

6.                  Create a new reference plane HL by offset plane DiesetStructure->Dieplate to a distance of Zero.

7.                  Click File, Properties, Add a Custom Properties-Name=UpdateFlag, Type=Yes or no, Value=YES

8.                  Save LDDI-99.SLDPRT

9.                  Click File, Save As and input file name LDPU-99.SLDPRT

10.              Open LD-99.SLDASM and insert LDDI-99.SLDPRT and LDPU-99.SLDPRT to the assembly. Fix the components if required.

11.              Click File, Properties and Add L Bend down for short tab 0-90 deg in the Comment box