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3DQuickMold-Lite empowers SolidWorks Users to do Plastic Mold Design

Hong Kong, Febuary 20, 2013 — 3D QuickTools Limited, the leading innovative mold tooling solutions provider, today announced “3DQuickMold-Lite” available to SolidWorks user to create core/cavity in plastic mold design. 3DQuickMold-Lite is a subset of 3DQuickMold, the professional mold design solution which integrated in SolidWorks platform. 3DQuickMold-Lite allows mold designer to perform key functions, including mold-splitting and runner/gate design. Ease-of-use and integrated with SolidWorks intuitive interface, 3DQuickMold-Lite will save the time in mold design and improve design efficiency. The software is free for download to work with SolidWorks 2013.

“With the launch of SolidWorks 2013 and SolidWorks Plastics, we believe more and more mold designers will perform their design in SolidWorks platform,” said Dr. Le-shu Ling, developer of 3DQuickMold. “We can foresee that a powerful mold design software integrated in SolidWorks will be required in the industry. 3DQuickMold-Lite is launched to answer to this call.”

3DQuickMold-Lite highlights include:

Unique Mold-splitting Capabilities
Mold-splitting is the most important process in plastic mold design. 3DQuickMold-Lite provide two types of mold-splitting method – surface parting and solid parting - to speed up SolidWorks user in a big extent.

Runner and Gate System
Runner and gate system design is required for mold flow analysis. 3DQuickMold-Lite provides accurate and fast design tools for runner and gate systems. Designer can use SolidWorks Plastics to run mold flow analysis with all these mold details done by 3DQuickMold-Lite. Availability For more information about 3DQuickMold-Lite, including video demonstrations, visit: http://www.3dquicktools.com. 3DQuickMold-Lite is available for free download. Please visit: http://www.3dquicktools.com/downloads.php

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickForm, and 3DQuickMold. These applications provide the most advanced and comprehensive 3D mold tooling solutions in the SolidWorks environment. The company has been providing high quality progressive die design solutions since 1994. For further information, visit www.3dquicktools.com.

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