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3DQuickTools Announces 3DQuickForm for SolidWorks

 Professional metal forming CAE now available for SolidWorks

Chicago, Mar. 22, 2005 - 3DQuickTools Limited today announced a new CAE (Computer-Aided-Engineering) application, 3DQuickForm to the global sheet metal product industry.  Following the successful migration of product manufacturers to 3D design in mainstream CAD systems like SolidWorks, sheet metal manufacturers are expecting to utilize the 3D CAD data to speed up the die development cycle with minimum try-outs.  

Progressive stamping industries rely heavily on the experience of tool designers to develop new tooling, in which try-outs are unavoidable, costly and extend design lead times.  An intuitive sheet metal blank prediction system has been a dream for many metal manufacturers.  Existing CAE applications may not meet the requirements of metal parts manufacturers either in terms of user interface, accuracy of the simulation or ease of use.  3DQuickForm, empowered by ESI technologies, is the first product to bring professional metal simulation to the product development and tooling design user environment.

3DQuickForm is developed based on the industry proven SolidWorks 3D CAD solution, to take advantage of powerful modeling and ease of use.  3DQuickForm incorporates technologies from ESI Group, the global leader in sheet metal stamping technologies and virtual try-out space.  High speed, accuracy and full associatively with SolidWorks data are taken into consideration to make 3DQuickForm a production design tool for die designers.  Users can either import different types of CAD data or build the die geometries in SolidWorks environment for the forming studies.  It helps OEM manufacturers to deliver precision tooling in the shortest time and with minimum physical try-outs.

The built-in mesher is automatic and allows user adjustments to meet the needs in different situations.  This allows tool designers to concentrate on the die design processes.  Simulations are run in a project driven manner and support multiple projects, which streamline design feasibility studies, process simulation and optimization.  Simulation results are displayed to show initial blank distribution.  Customizable material databases allow designers to test their design with different materials.

3DQuickForm Advanced, will provide stamping and flanging simulation, initial flat or initial curved blank, blank holder definition, various boundary conditions like fixed edges and faces, drawbeads, and symmetric plane, etc.  Multiple-steps are supported as well.  3DQuickForm results can seamlessly be used by 3DQuickPress, the leading 3D progressive die design system, to complete the full cycle of 3D tool design process.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickForm, and 3DquickQuote. These applications provide the most advanced and comprehensive 3D progressive die design solution in the SolidWorks environment.  The company has been providing high quality progressive die design solutions since 1994.  All products are supported by leading industrial support partners in all major countries.  For further information, visit www.3dquickpress.com.

About STS
STS is an innovative "Value Added Distributor" of advanced mechanical design tools and systems. STS provides exclusive marketing and technical support of the 3DQuickTools group of applications through its network of North American resellers. Our mission is to bring to market emerging technologies from around the world and speed their adoption in the North American design community. Our unique reseller and end-user support systems break down the time, distance, and language barriers that impede early adoption of new, advanced technologies. (Email: info@callsts.com)

About ESI Group
ESI Group is a pioneer and world-leading provider of digital simulation software for prototyping and manufacturing processes that take into account the physics of materials. ESI Group has developed an entire suite of coherent, industry oriented applications to realistically simulate a product’s behavior during testing, to fine-tune the manufacturing processes in accordance with the desired product performance, and to evaluate the environment’s impact on product usage. ESI Group’s products, which have a proven track record in manufacturing and have been combined in multi-trade value chains, represent a unique collaborative, virtual engineering solution, known as the Virtual Try-Out Space (VTOS), enabling virtual prototypes to be improved in a continuous manner. By drastically reducing costs and development lead times, VTOS solutions offer major competitive advantages by progressively eliminating the need for physical prototypes. ESI Group is listed on the Nouveau Marché of Euronext Paris, and generated sales of €60m in 2004. The company employs almost 500 high-level specialists worldwide, and covers more than 30 countries. For further information, visit www.esi-group.com.

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