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3DQuickTools Releases 3DQuickPress V2.0 for SolidWorks 2005

This latest release of the best selling, complete progressive die design solution for SolidWorks, includes new features and functionality, including full compatibility with SolidWorks 2005


Hong Kong , Oct. 19, 2004 –  3DQuickTools Limited today announced the new release of 3DQuickPress V2.0, available through the global reseller network.  3DQuickPress is a complete tooling and design solution for progressive dies used in the metal stamping industry.  3DQuickPress enables tooling engineers to use the power of 3D models from product development and rapidly design tooling in a 3D environment. After the successful product implementation of 3DQuickPress V1.0, over 50 enhancements were added to this release to increase overall productivity of the users.  3DQuickPress V2.0 is a major milestone to the tooling industries towards progressive die design automation and it is among the earliest SolidWorks Solution Partners to support SolidWorks 2005.  With the innovative Task Pane function from SolidWorks 2005, 3DQuickPress V2.0 users can easily access SolidWorks documents like part libraries, assemblies, files and Design Libraries.  The combination makes 3DQuickPress V2.0 a competitive, strategic tool for companies that need to reduce cost, errors and design lead time.

Key features in 3DQuickPress V2.0 include full associativity of part changes to die design changes, handling of complex forming features, customization and increase of die set design performance. User defined libraries and defaults speed design of tooling for similar part families.  Intensive testing from beta sites around the world gave very positive feedback on the functional improvements in this version.  The innovative Production-Ready Library (PRL) allows users to customize their design know-how, re-use existing designs and generate drawings automatically.  3DQuickPress V2.0 has become the best-in-class vertical application in the metal manufacturing market.

With the addition of European support networks, to existing networks in Asia and the Americas , the global 3DQuickPress support community of almost 100 professionals is serving the progressive stamping industries in electronics, auto parts, electrical appliances and medical fields.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, the most advanced 3D progressive die design system in the SolidWorks environment.  The company has been providing high quality progressive die design solutions since 1994.  3DQuickPress is now supported by leading industrial support partners in all major countries.  For further information, visit www.3dquickpress.com.

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