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CFM successfully implements 3D tools for
progressive die design
Singapore company delivers quality metal tooling by applying 3DQuickPress and SolidWorks

Chicago, Mar. 25, 2007 – CFM manufactures a diverse variety of stamped metal components for a wide range of products in the electronics, automotive, telecommunication & technology, and M&E industries.  Having over 20 qualified tool designers with both 3D and 2D design skills, CFM’s offices located in Singapore, Malaysia and China are able to deliver high quality stamped metal parts without the usual development delays.  CFM began using 3DQuickPress in 2004 as a pioneer in the application of 3D modeling in metal stamping tool design.  The implementation of 3DQuickPress for tool design at CFM has enabled the company to maintain its position as a leader in metal stamping and tool design, amongst many other competitors in the sheet metal business.

“CFM evaluated solutions from all major CAD suppliers and selected 3DQuickPress and SolidWorks.   The user-friendly interface has shortened the learning curve for our designers, and was an important factor in our 3D design tool selection process, as was the systems versatility in handling different types of tool designs.  Due to the associative workflow between 3DQuickPress and SolidWorks, we are able to quickly handle design changes from customers, even from tooling drawing to tool room.  With the ability to handle complex die structures in 3DQuickPress efficiently, the associative workflow between the two products allows CFM to guarantee the quality of manufacturing data, without the usual mistakes.  Error free production is our commitment to CFM’s global customers,” said K.K. Ko, Design Manager at CFM.

3DQuickPress was first introduced to CFM in Singapore by SeaCAD Technologies in 2004, enabling CFM to improve communication with vendors and tool design departments. “SeaCAD is an extremely important part of our on-going 3DQuickPress implementation, providing comprehensive training and after sale technical support,” said Mr. Ko. 

“CFM was SeaCAD’s first commercial 3DQuickPress customer.  To ensure CFM’s success, it was therefore critical for both CFM and SeaCAD’s technical teams to work closely together, especially in the early stages of their 3DQuickPress implementation.  We are extremely pleased with CFM’s success using the products and look forward to supporting the continued expansion of 3DQuickPress and SolidWorks throughout their organization,” said Conrad Montgomery, SeaCAD Technologies Managing Director and founder.

About CFM

Established since 1979, CFM has evolved into a customer focused manufacturer providing metal stamping services, design, fabrication and the sale of tool-and-die used for the manufacture of stamped metal components. Backed by production facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Slovak Republic, China, and a marketing office in USA, our Group supports a customer base of MNCs. CFM serves customers in the electronics industry as well as customers from the automotive, telecommunication, technology and M&E industries.  For more information visit www.cfmholdings.com or call (+65) 6481 2888 or email to janet@cfmholdings.com.

About SeaCAD Technologies

SeaCAD Technologies is a leading supplier of SolidWorks and Solution Partner products, providing end-to-end mechanical design through manufacturing software tools and services in Singapore and South East Asia.  In addition to SolidWorks, Cosmos (CAE/FEA), 3DQuickPresss, SolidCAM (CAM),  and other complimentary solutions, SeaCAD also provides a full range of additional services, including end-user product training, technical support, and process re-engineering consultation.  Mechanical design, simulation, analysis, API customization, and manufacturing consultation services are also available.  For more information visit www.seacadtech.com or call (+65) 6372-1416 to speak with a member of our professional team.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickStrip, 3DQuickForm, 3DQuickForm Professional, 3DQuickQuote, 3DQuickMold, and provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D die design systems in the SolidWorks® Gold Partner environment.  The company has been providing high quality die design solutions since 1994.  All products are supported by leading industrial support partners in all major countries.  For further information, visit www.3dquicktools.com or send email to info@3dquickpress.com, or call at +852 2788 2832.

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