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Hong Kong, Nov. 9, 2006 - 3D QuickTools Ltd. today announced the full implementation of 3DQuickPress, the leading 3D progressive die design solution, in Defond’s tooling operation located in Hong Kong.  Defond has been the pioneer in applying computer-aided-design and manufacturing technology to improve their product quality since mid 80’.  Founded in 1978 as a switch maker, Defond has developed into a major supplier of switches and electronics to the appliance and consumer electrics industries.  Defond offers a wide range of high quality and competitively priced products ranging from Switches, Solenoids, to Printed Circuited Board Assemblies.  In their production for global OEMs, Defond used many progressive dies to make the precision parts with over 100 stamping presses.  Accelerating the design of progressive stamping tools has been a challenge and they have been searching for a better tool design solution in the last few years.

Back to November, 2003, Defond has installed the first release of 3DQuickPress and tested it for two months.  Understanding the approaches and the limitations of the early release of 3DQuickPress, Defond did not commit to change their tool design practice to 3D.  With many enhanced features of the software witnessed by many 3DQuickPress users in the local and overseas stamping companies, Defond made an intensive study on the latest release of 3DQuickPress in 2004.  The first seat of 3DQuickPress was purchased in October, 2004 as their first system.  “Defond has been monitoring the progress of 3DQuickPress, we are serious about the usability of the software and productivity it can bring to us.  With the steady progress in functions of 3DQuickPress, we decided to expand an additional seat of 3DQuickPress to prepare ourselves to the rapid tooling manufacturing cycle which today’s electrical industries demand. Defond is committed to enhanced the design and manufacturing capability to keep our leading role in the world competition, and to bring the best value to our customers,” said Mr. S.H. Tang, Engineering Director of Defond.

3DQuickPress development team will work closely with Defond to build and enhance the features specific to Defond’s product nature as a strategic  customer.  With the local support partner for 3DQuickPress, ICT will provide all the associated training and support services to fulfill Defond’s technical need.

About Defond Electrical Industries Ltd.
Founded in 1978 as a switch maker, Defond has developed into a major supplier of switches and electronics to the appliance and consumer electrics industries.  Defond possesses the unique combination of electronic, electrical and mechanical expertise, vertically integrated manufacturing in China and worldwide sales & distributing network.  Defond’s business covers own brand-name electro-mechanical components like switches, earth leakage devices, ionizers and solenoids, and customized assemblies for global OEMs. The company is involved in EMS (electronic manufacturing services) for over 10 years and offers either sub-contracting or turn-key options, characterized by fast turnaround, expert design and competitive pricing.  For further information, send your enquiry to the company email address at
defond@defond.com or contact +852-2897 5603.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickStrip, 3DQuickForm, 3DQuickForm Professional, 3DQuickQuote, 3DQuickMold, and provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D die design systems in the SolidWorks® Gold Partner environment.  The company has been providing high quality die design solutions since 1994.  All products are supported by leading industrial support partners in all major countries.  For further information, visit www.3dquicktools.com or send email to info@3dquickpress.com, or call at +852 2788 2832.

About Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Limited
Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd. (ICT), the reseller of SolidWorks and 3DQuickPress in Hong Kong and China, is a general partnership specializing in solving computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) problems through careful analysis and development. ICT is firmly established as a leading innovator in the rapidly expanding high technology field of CAD/CAM and computer-aided-engineering (CAE), product data management (PDM), as well as 3D digitizing (contact and non-contact) and 3D printing technology. ICT’s technology and management capabilities in CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM and computer programming assure industrial customers a trouble-free and professional business relationship. For further information, visit the company’s Web site (www.ict.com.hk) or contact +852-2425-8136.

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