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Siemens Turkey implements 3DQuickStrip, the best-in-class strip layout design software for progressive stamping industries

Hong Kong, Dec. 11, 2006 - 3DQuickTools Ltd. today announced the decision of Siemens Turkey to implement 3DQuickStrip software in their die manufacturing operation in headquarters located at Kartal, Istanbul.  Turkey’s economy grows at an average of 7 percent a year, making Turkey one of the most dynamic economies in the world.  This growth is supported by a high level of efficiency.  Siemens Turkey is keen to apply the latest advanced technology like 3DQuickStrip to lead this economic growth.

Siemens Turkey is manufacturing different kinds of electric components like automatic fuses, thermal relays, contactors, transformers, and circuit breakers. Their full functional workshop is equipped with all kinds of CNC metal cutting and processing machines under a professional team of 45 members.  40% of their capacity is to develop new tooling projects with the remaining capacity for the maintenance of existing tooling.  In order to cope with the rapid business growth, the efficiency in the tooling is a key success factor to the corporation.  Mr. Ali DAG, Product Development & Mould Department Manager, decided to deploy a more efficient design technology like SolidWorks to his operation two years ago.  Tool designers found the system intuitive to use and they spent time to achieve better design than carrying out labor work in conventional CAD drafting.  By mid-2006, Mr. Ali started to evaluate specialized solutions for SolidWorks in metal stamping to increase their tool design efficiency with a significant amount.  Apart from doing technical evaluation internally, Mr. Ali’s team cross-checked with the existing Turkish 3DQuickStrip, and 3DQuickPress customers.  He got positive feedback from the users.  Siemens’ purchase decision was made after they visited the largest metal manufacturing exhibition, TATEF, in September, 2006.

With almost all parts in different Siemens’ product lines designed in 3D, 2D is no longer enough to increase die design speed, nor to minimize the revision time and design errors.  Mr. Ali and his production specialist, Mr. Ersin Sarica, developed a new work flow based on the 3DQuickStrip environment. This eliminates the design fault right at the early stage of the manufacturing design cycle.  A significant cost reduction is achieved.  The 3D output of the strip design can now be accurately communicated with their vendors which in turn helps Siemens Turkey to improve the overall supply chain efficiency.

The deployment of 3DQuickStrip in Siemens Turkey is supported by Umtas A.S.  The CAD/CAM/CAE Division of Umtas is a the leading professional team composed of competent manufacturing consultants in Turkey. 

About Umtas A.S.
Umtas A.S. is an importer and reseller of some leading European and U.S. companies in the CAD/CAM/CAE software and technical equipment field. Umtas A.S. is the only Value-Added Reseller of SolidWorks products in Turkey . Umtas A.S. is also providing training and full technical support to Turkish customers in addition to license sales. For more information, visit

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