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ICT, 3DQuickPress Hong Kong & South China distributor launched 3DQuickPress Version 2

Major enhancements of new 3DQuickPress turn progressive stamping to achieve full design automation


Shenzhen, Sept. 10, 2004 ICT today organized the first user group meeting of 3DQuickPress and 3DQuickPress version 2 product launch in Grand Hotel, Shenzhen.  Over 70% of existing users of 3DQuickPress joined this meeting.  The participants included operation managers, engineers and dies consultants from critical components industries, conventional metal products manufacturers, and the largest stamping dies companies.  During the event, they appreciated the power of the new features of 3DQuickPress, especially the full parametic design from strip layout to die structures and the great improvement in system response.  C.H. Lai, Technical Director and architect of 3DQuickPress, showed different cases of progressive stamping with the new 3DQuickPress.  Thanks also to the power of SolidWorks 2005, 3DQuickPress utilized her powerful 2D drafting functions.  Customers can now rely on a single CAD environment to complete complex 3D design and 2D drafting in same environment.  ICT invited SolidWizard, another major 3DQuickPress reseller and SolidWorks distributor active in China and Taiwan to participate this event too.

Ideas sharing in tea break time C. H. Lai, Technical Director of 3D QuickTools Ltd.
3DQuickPress & SolidWorks work together to bring the power of 3D to tooling engineering professionals CCL, key customer of 3DQuickPress shared their user experience