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3D QuickTools Ltd. releases 3DQuickPress Version 5


Hong Kong, July 20 2009 - The new release caters to metal stamping in two major streams of industry, namely electronic and automotive. 

Identical irregular features are very common in electronic parts. With the introduction of Geometric Pattern Recognition Technology, V5 is able to extract identical features from dumb geometry and assign the corresponding manufacturing processes automatically. More corner matching options to fulfill different requirements. Processes grouping make strip layout iteration much faster and meaningful than before. V5 introduced round shank for ob-round hole which is used extensively in electronic part stamping. High precision required by electronic industry makes the die set and its components very costly. Changeover tooling is a common practice to produce similar parts by the same tooling through proper tooling setup. V5 enables the design of changeover tooling easier and produces the setup automatically. 

Different from the electronic industry, automotive industry is not likely to have ten identical features in a formed part which is much bigger than electronic parts in general.  The design and manufacturing workflow of the auto part is the key success factor.  V5 is able to divide a die design project to different designers in a way to fully utilize their expertise. Their results are brought back to the master die set assembly automatically.  With designers working concurrently, the design time is compressed. 

To bridge the design and manufacturing gap, another key enhancement in V5 allows design to manufacturing automation through the propagation of manufacturing information to CAM systems.

“As a past user and current support technician, I see V5 incorporates real ‘Power’. It empowers companies with the tools to lead the industry in progressive, stage or fixture design. 3D QuickTools accomplished this by listening to our current users, looking for ways to improve, and incorporating new tools for all facets of industries,” said Ron Flaugh, Technical Manager, STS.

Availability and Pricing
3DQuickPress V5 will be available to the worldwide market in Q3, 2009 in 5 languages through 3DQuickPress authorized resellers.  Contact a 3DQuickPress reseller for pricing.  To locate one in your region, visit http://www.3dquicktools.com.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickForm, and 3DQuickQuote, which provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D progressive die design system in the SolidWorks® environment.  The company has been providing high quality progressive die design solutions since 1994.  Leading industrial support partners in all major countries supports all products.  For further information, visit www.3dquicktools.com  or send email to info@3dquickpress.com

About Strategic Technology Solutions, LLC
STS is an innovative "Value Added Distributor" of advanced mechanical design tools and systems. STS provides exclusive marketing and technical support of the 3DQuickTools group of applications through its network of North American resellers. Our mission is to bring to market emerging technologies from around the world and speed their adoption in the North American design community. Our unique reseller and end-user support systems break down the time, distance, and language barriers that impede early adoption of new advanced technologies. For US/Canada, contact Strategic Technology Solutions, LLC, 888-207-1096 or info@callsts.com

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