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 Assembly Utilities

Assembly Design Tools is a collection of utilities to make design in the context of assembly easier. The dialog box has 2 main regions: A Simplified Assembly Tree and Commands.

Use of Assembly Design Tools

 Delete Cavity

Delete Cavity features create by 3DQuickPress Create Dieset Hole

If the simplified assembly tree is blanked, all die plates will be affected.

If assembly is selected, all die plates under the subassembly will be affected.

If part is selected, only the selected part is affected

 Delete Component

Only the component Highlighted in Simplified Assembly Tree will be deleted.

To delete a part:

  1. Select any component from graphic window
  2. Click Delete Component

To delete a sub-assembly:

  1. Select any part from graphic window and Click  

  1. Select its parent in Simplified Assembly Tree 

  1. Click Delete Component

Note: Undo is available in SolidWorks after delete.

 Isolate component

Isolate a component from like parts.

To add clearance to a guide lifer

  1. Select one of the components from graphics window
  2. Click  
  3. Click  
  4. Input a new filename and the component is isolated. And clearance can be added without affecting other components.

 Search identical components

This command highlights all the instances of the selected component in the assembly. It is useful before you isolate a part. Just click the part’s parent and look for the assembly instances, if multiple instances are found, you need to isolate the parent before the part is isolated.

To search identical components:

1.   Click  and select the component

2.      Click  and all the identical components are highlighted.

 Toggle Exclude/Include in BOM

Toggle Exclude in BOM for the selected component. Label <XBOM> means the component is excluded from BOM

Promote selection

Selecting a sub-assembly to pattern or translate is tedious as it requires the selection of the sub-assembly from the SolidWorks assembly tree. It is much more convenient if selection of sub-assembly from graphic window is supported.

To translate a sub-assembly by selection from graphic window:

1.      Click  and select the component

2.      Promote the selection by clicking one level up

3.      Click Exit and the component is still in selected mode

4.      Click 3DQP/3DquickTools/Translate Component to move the sub-assembly