File properties editing

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 File properties editing

 Edit File Properties in the context of assembly

Enquiry mode

View file properties of selected component


         Filter the file properties by groups to facilitate editing

o       <All Exist> – Display all existing file properties in the selected component.

o       <All Groups> - Display an editing page containing all groups.


Edit the group configuration file which is located in <3DQPinstallation path>/AFP_Group.txt


Edit configuration specific properties or File properties


Apply the table content to select components and keep on editing


Exit the function


 File properties are new to the selected component

 File property exists in the component

 Read LED – table content was changed.

 Green LED – Apply is successful

To assign Material Properties to all the punches:

  1. Click  to launch File Properties Editor
  2. Click on the pull down button to select Title block
  3. Fill in the table as follows

  1. Window select all the punches

  1. Click Apply

To check file properties of component:

  1. Click  to launch File Properties Editor
  2. Click    
  3. Click on any component

To add a group for customer information:

  1. Click  to launch File Properties Editor
  2. Click Edit button
  3. Add the following lines in Note Pad.

#Customer Info.

Customer Part no.,text,

Customer name,text,


  1. Save and exit note pad
  2. Click Exit button to exit File Properties Editor
  3. Click  to launch File Properties Editor to re-initialize the group file.
  4. Click Grouping list button