Blank(s) Positioning

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Blank(s) Positioning

        By selecting the Blank(s) and click Centre to Origin, the virtual center of the selection will be aligned to Part Origin of SolidWorks


        By selecting the 1st blank and a POINT from the 2nd Blank input the X-Y values in Blank Positioning

To manually align 2 blanks:

  1. Create a new strip layout and insert Manual Blank 1.SLDPRT and Manual Blank 2.SLDPRT to Blank Layout Folder

  1. Right click Blank Layout to enter Edit Blank Layout environment.
  2. Click Line segment at A and key in 90 degrees, Press Enter to update Manual Blank 2

  1. Click  to clear current selection
  2. Select center of Manual Blank 2 and input X=0, Y=0