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 Bounding Box

Bounding box and circle are created in sketch and Extrude Cut the lower dieset to create bigger opening for scrap

To create bounding box/circle:

1.                  Open a new sketch

2.                  Click  

3.                  Select the geometry to be bounded

4.                  Select bounding type

5.                  Edit the minimum W & L dimension

6.                  Click OK to exit bounding box mode

7.                  Change the dimension of the rectangle/Circle


Entities – Select the geometry to be bounded, edge; external and internal sketch elements are allowed to select.

Geometry – Select Rectangle or Circle to bound the Entities

No Constraints – option to add relation to output

Fillet Radius – Insert the corner fillet radius for box

Orientation – Set the orientation of the bounding box

None – Create an optimised box.

By angle – Input the alignment angle of the box

By Reference – Select a line to for the angle

Enlarge/Shrink – Automatic add offset Distance or percentage to result

Dimensions – Prompt the Width & Length of the box going to be created and allows user to change its size before the sketch is created.

Round to Integer – Option to Round the dimension.

Note: No interference detection for corner fillet!