Create Dieset Template

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Create Dieset Template

To create a template from system dieset template 00:

  1. Launch Windows Explorer
  2. Go to <3DQuickPress>\DieSetAssemblyTemplate
  3. Select 00 folder and press Ctrl-C and then followed by Ctrl-V
  4. RenameCopy of 00 to  DS06
  5. Launch SolidWorks Explorer inside SolidWorks Tools->SolidWorks Explorer...
  6. Open <3DQuickPress>\DieSetAssemblyTemplate\DS06\00.sldasm

  1. Rename it to DS06.sldasm (DiesetStructure.SLDPRT is not allowed to rename, rename it will lead to unexpected result.)
  2. Expand the tree and rename the die plate according to your company standard.

  1. Open DS06 by SolidWorks
  2. Double click on DieSetStructure and change the naming convention of the reference planes.
  3. Change the thickness of the plate by change the reference plane dimensions