Create Internal Notch

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Create Internal Notch

Normal notching punch only has cutting effect on the stock. Internal notching punch has cutting effect on the internal hole of the part.

To create Internal notching punch:

  1. RM click on  Piercing punch and select Create Internal Notching punch
  2. Use Solidworks Sketch tools to create the Notch punch profile
  3. Click OKand the Internal Notching punch will be created in  Unprocessed Features folder

Set Piercing Punch

An alternate method to create internal notching. It is similar to Set Notching Feature  but apply to Hole face instead of stock. An Internal Notching feature will be created. This function is available from Piercing Feature Shortcut menu. And

Create Pattern Piercing Feature

When there are piercing features of the same size and shape, the Create Pattern Piercing Feature function can be used to copy the internal notching feature to other similar piercing features.

  1. Piercing 5 and 6 are of the same size and shape, Internal Notching 1 is created on Piercing 5

  1. RM of Internal Notching 1 and select Create Patterned Piercing Feature

  1. Internal Notching 1-1 is created on Piercing 6 which is have the same size as Internal Notching 1.