Fix unfold problem

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Fix unfold problem

If you are not able to create a blank from the part, you cannot move to next design stage – strip layout design. The easiest way to check unfold problem is by Unfold All. And then figure out the reason for the unfold failure and finally fix it by UAR. The following table shows a typical procedure to unfold a part. Unfold-Check – Set Top & Bottom Faces – Check – UAR – Check – UAR – Check…..;

Part to be unfold

Unfold the part to create unfold tree

Check the Unfold Tree and locate all the Unknown and Invalid features

Go to User Assist Recognition and properly set Top and Bottom faces

UAR - Use User Defined Feature to fix the Invalid Compound Form

Use Unfold All and change to side view. It is easy to find region which is difficult to be unfolded. Successful unfold will display only 2 parallel lines.

Use UAR Form to fix all V-grooves

Use Unfold All and change to side view. OK if only 2 parallel lines are shown