Insert Hole Series

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 Insert Hole Series

Insert Hold Series is used to mimic the SolidWorks Hole series, 3DQuickPress hole series have the advantages of assigning library feature to each plate and have better performance when the assembly is edited. It is so able to identify common sketch to eliminate dieset top level assembly context.

Page 1

Layout Sketch to hold sketches which are used to drive the holes location. The sketches can be selected directly or by selecting its child like a Feature driven component or Sketch patterned feature from the graphic window.

Supported selections

For the layout sketch, we should use a circle to represent the 1st point. i.e. If you want to create 4 holes, then your sketch should have 1 circle and 3 sketch points.

Page 2 Hole Details

 Select plates which hole will be created. Highlight component and assign hole library feature to it

Hole Library:

list containing all the library feature under

<Template directory>/Feature Library/Holes

On: For holes with orientations like counter bore, blind holes. Top face of a component always use Z-level as reference.