Component Opening

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Component Opening


An ordinary component created using any SolidWorks Features


Hole created in Die Plate for “Insert A

To Create Openings:

1.                  Click 3DQuickPress, Component Opening

2.                  Check the radio button Solid Cut Pocket for pocketing cutting method

3.                  In the Target Plate selection box, select the plate you want to create opening

4.                  Click Search Components to auto search interfered components OR select the components which drive the hole

5.                  Click OK


No ext. ref. – If this option is checked, all opening created will not have external reference to the tool component.

Revolve cut pocket – Use the sketch created inside the component to revolve cut the plate. The sketch must be qualified for Revolve cut.

Extrude cut pocket – Use one of the sketch created in the component to extrude cut the plate. Multiple steps pocket required to execute this Create component opening multiple times.

The sketch must be paired with a plane for the end condition.

Solid Cut Pocket – Use the Cavity feature to subtract the plate, user can create a secondary body to create a tailor-opening.

Standard component – Use hole wizard feature to cut the standard holes for standard component on the die plates.

Standard component (Freeform) – Same as Standard component option, but this option can create hole wizard feature on freeform faces.

Pre-Defined hole – Use hole wizard feature to cut the standard holes for standard component on the die plates. All standard component used as the tool components should have the pre-define hole definition.

Target plates – Select the plates you want to be cut by the components.

Tool components – The component drive the cutting.

Sketch list – 3DQuickPress will extract the free sketches to this list for Revolve cut or and Extrude cut, select a sketch from the list to execute the cutting.

Propagate color – Turn on this option to let manufacturing information to propagate onto the opening created.

Isolate – Isolate the components selected in the target and tool component list.

Search Options – This allow the automatic search to ignore the hidden and standard component when search for the tool components.