Property Manager for Edit Project Info.

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PropertyManager for Edit Project Info.


To ensure an unique file name for all output files, Project Name and Project No. are appended to the names of all part and assembly files created by 3DQuickPress

Reset Project No. resets the 3DQuickPress internal counter to Zero.

Naming Convention is the convention used to create file name.

*1 = Project Name

*2 = Project No.

*3 = Feature Name in strip layout

For Project Name:0049 Project no.:18 Feature ID: Notching 1

*1-*3 = 0049-Notching 1.sldprt

*3-*1 = Notching 1-0049.sldprt

*1-*2-*3 = 0049-18-Notching 1.sldprt


Turn ON/OFF the Die Set option will switch between the Horizontal/Vertical mode of punch design.

For the selection of dieset structure which will be used through out the project, the list shows all the dieset structure from DieSetAssemblyTemplate folder which is located in 3DQuickPress installation directory and the preview window show the dieset.


 For the selection of commercial catalogue for Round punches, Catalogue for straight and step round punch can be pre-set.