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QF Flange Tool (Required 3DQuickForm Professional version installed)

QF flange tool is a function to calculate the blank profile of forming area by using the 3DQuickForm Professional solver. Result blank profile will be created as a planar surface, which can be used to setup user defined feature. The QF Flange Tool is also capable to unfold flange area. Below procedures show the unfolding of a flange area with the QF Flange Tool.

  1. Click QF Flange Tool on the 3DQuickPress Surface Tools Toolbar
  2. Select the faces in pink into the Flange Faces, and faces in blue into Holder Faces
  3. Select the top face as the Punching direction
  4. Enter 1mm for the Material Thickness
  5. Enter 0.0deg as Partial Flattening Angle and 30mm as Partial Flattening Extension
  6. Click OK to create the unfolded surface