QP Deep Draw Calculator

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QP Deep Draw Calculator

The function QP Deep Draw Calculator will generate deep draw strip layout with complex drawing cup shape. The function is to create a multiple steps deep drawing strip layout with the input of a multiple step revolved cup shape solid body. The number of draw steps and intermediate cup shape will be calculated. User can edit the shape of each step before the strip layout is generated.

PropertyManager for QP Deep Draw Calculator

Output folder and File Name - Folder and filename the created strip layout to be saved

Browse - Browse to the folder that save the created strip layout

Material Parameters

Material - Select the material of the deep draw part

Thickness - Thickness of the deep draw part

Flip Stamping Direction - Flip the stamping direction of the part

Tensile Strength - Tensile Stregnth of the material in MPa

Blank Holder Forece - Blank holder force of the stamping operation in MPa

First Draw Ratio - The drawing ratio of the frist draw from blank

Draw Ratio - The drawing ratio for the rest of the steps

Select Stage - Select the stage or step to be edited

Stage Shape - Select the step section in a drawing step to be edited


Die Radius, rM - Value of the die radius

Diameter, d - Value of the cup diameter

Height, h - Value of the cup height

Punch Radius, rP - Value of the punch radius

Steps calculated by deep draw calculator

The drawing shape and steps will be calculated. And the drawing parameters like drawing ratio, drawing force and blank holder force will be show with each step.

When click OK, a strip layout with all the calculated steps will be created.