Split punch

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Split punch

Split the select notching or piercing punch into multiple pierces.

Piercing and notching holes need to be pierced in several steps due to geometry complexity.

PropertyManager for Split Punch

Split edges list out all the profiles split the punch

Edge Extension set the undercut amount and direction

Corner Feature 1 & 2 have options to select the corner type and the amount of undercut

Rectangular corner

Circular corner
Set As Default can update the setting to Windows registry

To produce split punch:

  1. RM click the punch object  in the Strip Layout Manager Design Tree select Split punch
  2. Create split line by Solidworks sketch tools
  3. Exit sketch mode by clicking  on the confirmation corner or the Sketch icon

Create Internal Notching Punch

Normal notching punch only has cutting effect on the stock. Internal notching punch has cutting effect on the internal hole of the part.

To create Internal notching punch:

  1. RM click on  Piercing punch and select Create Internal Notching punch
  2. Use Solidworks Sketch tools to create the Notch punch profile
  3. Click OKand the Internal Notching punch will be created in  Unprocessed Features folder