2 Axis Bend

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2 Axis Bend

2 Axis Bend is a curved bend feature where the bend is along an arc. A 2 Axis Bend feature can unfold a curve bend feature

PropertyManager for 2 Axis Bend

By Reference Edge use reference edge to define the center bend arc

Position location of the center bend arc along the selected reference edge.

Bend Radius is the radius of the bend

Bend Angle is the angle of the bend

By Bend Sketch use the bend sketch to define the center bend arc

Bend Sketch is used to define the bend angle and bend radius.

Bend Allowance Type

K-Factor; Bend Allowance; System K; System BA; Database K; Database BA

Feature Face for the selection of faces from the 2 Axis Bend

End Face for the selection of the end faces of the 2 Axis Bend.

To unfold and create 2 Axis Bend for the highlighted region above:

  1. RM Select  Sheet Metal Object and click User Assist Recognition from Shortcut Menu.
  2. Press the Add button to add a new UAR Feature
  3. Select 2 Axis Bend feature type
  4. Select the reference edge A.


  1. Select top and bottom faces B of the 2 Axis Bend to Feature Faces
  2. Select the end faces C to End Faces.
  3. Click OK to finish