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3DQuickPress Display Options

      Show Original Solid - Show original solid.

      Show Unfolding Model - Show unfolding model.

      Toggle Unfolding Display - Toggle the show/hide status of the unfolding model and the original solid.

      Show All - Show the whole strip layout.

      Hide All - Hide the whole strip layout.

      Hide/Show Top - Hide or show top faces of the strip layout.

      Hide/Show Bottom - Hide or show bottom of the strip layout.

      Transparent - Show transparent strip layout.

      Hide/Show Outer Faces - Hide or show the outer faces of the strip layout.

      Superimpose - Show superimposed strip layout.

      Filter Features - Add filters for all strip layout features.

      Notching Punch Design Mode - Toggle the Notching Punch Design Mode.

      Show/Hide Parts Reference - Show/Hide the parts notching reference faces.

      Show/Hide Stock Reference - Show/Hide the stock notching reference faces.

      Hide/Show Punch Holes - Toggle the display of punch holes

      Hide/Show Hole Sketches - Toggle the display of hole sketches