Copy identical UDF

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Extract Identical Features

User Assisted Recognition interface allows to extract identical UAR features. By clicking on the Extract Identical button, features identical to the selected UAR features on the unfold part will be created automatically. All UAR features will support the Extract Identical Feature function. The below steps are used to extract those identical User Defined Features in the example.

  1. RMB on Sheet Metal Object and select User Assisted Recognition…
  2. Select User Define 1 and click Extract Identical
  3. A list of identical user defined feature is created automatically.
  4. Click OK to rebuild the unfold part.

Copy Face to Identical User Defined Features

For identical User Defined Features in an unfold part, there is a function to copy the settings of a selected user defined feature to all identical user defined features. Both the setup of steps and the set faces will be copied.  Below are the steps to copy the setting of User Defined 1 to all other user defined features.

  1. Select the completed user defined feature User Defined 1.
  2. RMB on User Defined 1 and select Set Faces to Identical User Defined Features.
  3. The steps and the set faces are then copied to other identical features.