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Gusset is a very typical feature finds in sheet metal part comes together with bend

PropertyManager for Gusset

Gusset Type


Bend While Form

Bend after form

Bend before form

Feature Faces – The gusset faces can be selected one by one or if they are too small, select the base faces and select each side a seed surface here

Gusset Base Faces – Gusset Base Faces bound the gusset. This is only used for Auto Retrieve

Auto Retrieve - By selecting bounding face and seed face properly, Gusset faces are selected automatically


Base faces not form an enclosure                


No seed faces

To define a gusset:

  1. Enter User Assisted Recognition

  1. Add a new UAR Feature


  1. Select Gusset from Feature types

  1. Set Gusset Type to Bend While Form

  1. In Gusset Base Faces, selection all faces which bound the gusset. In Gusset Faces, select seed surfaces on top and bottom respectively.


  1. Click on Auto Retrieve

  1. Click OK to finish and the bend is and Gusset is resolved as shown