UAR Form

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UAR Form

The simplest type of UAR feature.UAR Form smashes all selected faces into a planar face. The calculation is simply a projection. For the picture below, UAR Form can handle Region B, Region A has a non-planar adjacent face which can not be handled by UAR Form

PropertyManager for UAR Form

Feature Face for the selection of faces from the from region

To unfold and create UAR Form for the highlighted region above:

  1. Click Unfold icon from 3DQuickPress Toolbar 
  2. Select A as the Fixed face and click OK to finish Unfold
  3. RM Select  Sheet Metal Object and click User Assist Recognition from Shortcut Menu.
  4. Press the Add button to add a new UAR Feature

  1. Select UAR Form feature type


  1. Select top and bottom faces of the UAR Form to Feature Faces

  1. Click OK to finish

To create UAR Form for a Chamfer:

  1. RMS  Sheet Metal Object from Unfold Tree and select User Assisted Recognition
  2. Click Add to create a new feature
  3. Select the face for chamfer
  4. Input Feature name Chamfer 2X30 and click Set Feature Name
  5. Try to finish UAR by clicking OK  
  6. Click OK for the warning message

  1. Click Previous Page Button  to fix the problem
  2. Click Chamfer 2X30 in the problem UAR Features (The faces which don’t belongs to top/bottom but was assigned to a feature-WAS SELECTED AUTOMATICALLY) and click Set Top
  3. Click OK to finish