UAR Bend

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UAR Bend

UAR Bend is used to handle non-theoretical bends.

PropertyManager for UAR Bend

 Extract bend radius; angle based on the selected sketch which is the external bend section, once a sketch is selected, Bend radius; angle will be disabled.

Qualify sketches – external Bend section, single arc        

Non-qualify sketches – more than 1 arc, internal bend section

 Internal Bend radius

 Bend Angle

Bend Allowance Type

K-Factor; Bend Allowance; System K; System BA; Database K; Database BA

Feature Faces

Select faces of the bend

Estimate Parameters-Estimate Bend radius; angle based on the selected faces.

Use of UAR Bend

Group co-axial bends

Unfold bend radii not conformed to material thickness

Non-cylindrical bends

o       To create UAR Bend using estimation:

1.      Enter User Assist Recognize mode

2.      Add a new feature and select UAR Type UAR Bend

3.      Select the bend faces (Never select gusset face)

4.      Click Estimate Parameters and 3DQP will work out the internal bend radius and bend angle. (The result is very sensitive to the quality of the faces!!! If the result is not good, use sketch mode)

o       To create UAR using sketch (The most reliable approach):

         Create a sketch representing the external bend section

         Select sketch representing the bend section