UAR Round Extrude

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UAR Round Extrude

A normal round extrude should composed of cylindrical faces and toroids. Those normal round extrude is recognized by 3DQuickPress automatically. UAR Round extrude is used to recognize non-standard round extrude or those is not composed of analytic geometries.

PropertyManager for UAR Round Extrude

 Outer Diameter

 Inner Diameter

 Pre-Piercing Hole Diameter

Estimate Parameters – Automatic calculate the outer and inner diameter according to the selected faces, and the pre-piercing hole diameter will be half of the inner diameter.

To use UAR round Extrude to fix the split face and chamfered round extrude as show:

  1. RM Select  Sheet Metal Object and click User Assist Recognition from Shortcut Menu.
  2. Set the top and bottom face properly for the round extrude region

  1. Click Add button and select UAR Round Extrude

  1. Select faces composed of the round extrude and click Estimate Parameters button to estimate the key dimensions.