Hole Profile Manager

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Hole Profile Manager

PropertyManager for Hole Profile Manager

Edit Punch Hole

Interface to edit the punch hole defintion

Hole Name

Name of hole definition

Taper Angle

Taper angle of the extrude cut hole

Mfg. Color

Manufacturing color information to be pained to the hole created

To define new extrude cut hole definition in a cutting punch:

  1. Open a cutting punch component
  2. Click Hole Profile Manager on the 3DQT DieSet Design Toolbar
  3. Check Create Punch Hole Definition
  4. Enter the name of the cutting hole
  5. Select the top face as the hole starting reference
  6. Enter the 5mm for the punch hole depth
  7. Click Sketch to enter the hole profile sketch
  8. Click Straight Slot on the SolidWorks Sketch toolbar
  9. Create a slot as shown below
  10. Click Exit Sketch
  11. Click OK to create the hole definition