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PropertyManager for Insert Component

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Component Selection

Select the standard component to be inserted.

Component – choice of standard component

Configuration – configuration of component

Diameter Size – Diameter of component

Length – Length of component

Component Position

Position the component to be inserted to the assembly.

Insertion Datum Face – select a planar as the datum of insertion

Offset – Z level offset of the component from the Datum Face

Flip – change the orientation and offset direction of the component

Length Reference – select a face as the reference for the length of the component

Layout Sketch – new or edit a layout sketch that control the XY position of the components

Start & End Hole Options

Start Option:

CB depth offset – depth offset of CB hole

End Options:

Through Hole – through hole option of drill hole

Thread Though – through hole option of thread hole

Component Options

Exclude from BOM – exclude the inserted component from BOM

Insert component options:

None – no component is inserted and only component hole is created

Single – components are inserted as single component

Pattern – components are inserted as a feature driven pattern