Paint Mfg Info

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Paint Mfg. Info.

It is a pre-processing function to add manufacturing information to geometry by face color. Color code map to machining code is set up in a text file located in <3DQP>\Database\3DQP_AHT_MfgInfo.txt.

Property Manager

Mfg. Code

 Select Manufacturing code to be assigned

Edit Color Settings – Edit setup file for color and manufacturing information.

Face Boundaries – Select the boundaries faces for automatic selection in Select by Faces

Select by Faces – Faces to be paint

Select by Features – Paint all the feature faces

Apply – Apply face paint to current selection.

To paint manufacturing information to faces:

  1. Click 3DQuickPress, Drawing & Machining, Paint Mfg. Info.
  2. Select CB
  3. Set focus to Select by Features, click the features from Solid Model and click Apply

A fully color coded die plate

To paint manufacturing color using Mfg. Color Tool:

  1. Select Mfg. Color Tool form the toolbar
  2. Select the color on the Mfg. Color Tool dialog

  1. Select the face on Solid Model
  2. Click on the Set Color to set the color on the face, body, feature or sketch