Table Driven PRL

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Table Driven PRL

PRL can be driven by a table similar to SolidWorks Design Table. PRL Table is more advance in driving assembly.

PRL Table Design Wizard

PRL Table Design Wizard is a tool to automate the creation of PRL Tables. It is composed of 2 sections. The 1st section is to design the Table Header, which works like the fields of a database. The 2nd section is for the content of the table.

A - Switching between mm & Inch

B - Switching Header design and Table content input

C - Header input area

D - Command area

E – Table Content Area

  Move current row up/Down

 Delete the table content

 Save all data

 Reload Header and Table content

 Import Header from selection

  Insert/ Delete Row

 Fill in current Item by current SolidWorks values

 Update SolidWorks by current Item

 Append a new column

The Type Parameter controls the way the dimension is updated. Clicking on the empty cell will pop up list of supported items.

Dimension - dimension of part

Configuration - configuration of component in the assembly

File Property - file property of document

Part number - file property QPPN

Suppression State - suppress of unsuppress a feature

Any Text - text description

Mfg. Information - mfg. information of doucment

To add a table to a die-insert to drive Fillet and Chamfer:

  1. Click 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickTools, Utilities, PRL Wizard.
  2. Follow the sequence to get the Die insert – Edit PRL Library, User Defined – mm. Select the group and PRL to be edit.
  3. Click Exit to exit the PRL setting palette.

Launch PRL Table Wizard

  1. Click 3DQuickPress, 3DQuickTools, Utilities, PRL Table
  2. Double Click at A and select chamfer dimension at B

  1. Click  to import this dimension to Header
  2. Double click the fillet at C and select the fillet dimension.
  3. Click  to import this dimension to Header
  4. Change the description to Chamfer Distance and Fillet Radius

  1. Click Table to add Items to the table
  2. Click the 1st column and click  to bring in the Item.
  3. Create 3 Items for this PRL – Small, Medium, Large

  1. Highlight the Medium Item and click  to test the update.

  1. Click  to save the Header and Table.


Formatting of part number QPPN:


  1. The part number support SolidWorks dimension. Double Quoted text are dimension full name.
  2. Bracketed text are item dimension.

  1. The SID button is used to automatic propagate item description by QP P/N.