UAR BCorner

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UAR BCorner

UAR BCorner is used to handle connecting faces between 2 bend features in a flange area.

PropertyManager for UAR BCorner

Create Flatten Sheets for the unfolded hem feature again.

Feature Face for the selection of faces from the hole cluster region

To unfold and create UAR BCorner for the highlighted region above:

  1. Click Unfold icon from 3DQuickPress Toolbar 
  2. Select A as the Fixed face and click OK to finish Unfold
  3. RM Select  Sheet Metal Object and click User Assist Recognition from Shortcut Menu.
  4. Press the Add button to add a new UAR Feature
  1. Select UAR BCorner feature type 
  1. Select top and bottom faces of the UAR BCorner to Feature Faces
  2. Click OK to finish