Unfold Manager Design Tree

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Unfold Manager Design Tree

Unfold Manager Design Tree is created after unfolding the sheet metal part by the Unfold part icon in 3DQuickPress Tool Bar. It lists all the recognized and unknown features. All the icon in the tree have shortcut menu to edit the feature properties and change its states to folded or unfolded.

Metal Feature type can be recognized

3DQuickPress can recognize the following regular sheet metal feature automatically


        Compound Bend

        Round Extrude




Metal features by User Assist Recognition

Metal feature related to uneven thickness; free from and irregular flanging can not be recognized automatically, 3DQuickPress will group them to  Unknown feature and all those unknown features can be fixed by User Assist Recognition

 Compound Form


  UAR Round Extrude

  UAR Bend


UAR 2 Axis Bend


  Hole Cluster

 User Defined

Tree Basic

Most of the functions for unfolding are accessed through the shortcuts from Sheet Metal Object which is the root of Unfold Manager Design Tree. And the functions for individual features are available from the corresponding feature and the use of the functions will be explained in separation session of this manual.


To access Sheet Metal Object functions:

  1. Right Mouse Click on Sheet Metal Object
  2. Select any function from the popup menu