Every tool shop has different way to handle their tool production.  This is the reason why 2D macros and script programming are popular in the tool making industries in last two decades.  With more 3DQuickPress users implemented 3D strip design & 3D punch and die design, users would be eager to customize and streamline their workflow in accordance to their best practice in the smallest details.  This will require certain level of programming skill to achieve this.

Team 3DQuickPress has been helping numerous 3DQuickPress customers to develop customized solutions in 3DQuickPress.  This service is now available to you.  Feel free to ask a quote from us by sending your email to info@3dquicktools.com or contact our business partner in your country.  We shall give you a quick response to see how our customized programming may help you.

Examples of our Customization Service:


Case 1:

A 3DQuickPress/SOLIDWORKS customer did not like the standard output of the table from the current output.  Team 3DQuickPress developed a small powerful macro to prepared tagged holes on drawing.  This greatly speeded up the drawing production to this customer.  

Case 2:

A tool design service company has important customers from USA and Europe.  They need to produce their tool design in accordance to different standards like cm/inch, clearances, materials libraries, etc.  The process itself is very repetitive and tedious.  With the help from Team 3DQuickPress, we programmed the common repetitive works which are specific to this company.


Customer Reference

“I contacted 3D QuickTools to see if they would be able to customize their program to fit our business needs. Within a week they had performed the customization that we had asked for and it has significantly improved their tool functionality for our business needs. Thank you team 3D QuickTools,” said Brad VanWingerden, Great Lake Stainless Inc., US.