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Bend Branch Transform in 3DQuickPress

Hong Kong, Jan 26, 2016 – The unfolding of sheet metal surfaces with many attached minor features is a very tedious process to tool designers. This is a common process found in metal connector tool design. Very often it is a guess work and difficult for tool designer to model the minor flattened features on the main unfolded surfaces. New feature Bend Branch Transform allows 3DQuickPress users to position the minor metal features quickly along the unfolded curved surface correctly. Estimated increase of productivity is tenfold in comparison to conventional approach.

The trend toward mobile and portable applications makes electronics devices smaller with higher complexity and integration. The miniaturization creates new electrical and mechanical issues which put more challenge to tool designers to pay attention to the manufacturing of those connector design features. Bend Branch Transform functions are typically applied to the tooling of circular connectors primarily used for the connection of movable lines with characteristics of compact space requirement and many connection options like solder, crimp, screw and spring clip.

Over one third of 3DQuickPress customers in US, Germany and Japan they are the world top suppliers of electrical connectors. The highly intelligent and automatic workflow of 3DQuickPress helps tool designers to achieve unmatched tool design speed that accelerates Time-to-Market of innovative electronics products.

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