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Bend Section Profile in 3DQuickPress

Hong Kong, Feb 17, 2016 – In metal connector and terminal tool design, it is common to divide the bending process of a bend feature into multiple operations. In each of these bending operations, the bend radius and then bend section shape is required to be changed, in order to achieve the required bending profile.

The dividing of the bending operations requires manually modeling of each bending step. This will consume lots of design lead time in the tooling design process. With the new developed bend section profile design workflow of 3DQuickPress, user can easily define the bend section of different steps in the divided bending operations. The workflow employs several unique strip layout features of 3DQuickPress, likes overbend, split bend and restrike features. With this new workflow for bend section profile design, tool designers for electronic connectors and terminals can have a six times increase in their productivity.

The major customers of 3DQuickPress in US, Germany and Japan are the world class electrical connector manufacturers. To adapt to the rapid changing electronic product market, they needs to shorten the tool design lead time. The new workflow of 3DQuickPress facilitates the tool designers of these connector manufacturers to accelerate their design process and fulfill the needs for ever-changing electronic products in the market.

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