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EDM Electrode Drawing Automation in 3DQuickMold

Hong Kong, July 14, 2016 – 3D QuickTools Ltd. announced the release of 3DQuickMold Version 1.0.8 on 14 July 2016 to the international tooling design market. The new drawing automation functions provided in the Electrode Wizard can facilitate users of 3DQuickMold to generate EDM electrode drawings and EDM assembly drawing with BOM automatically.

In plastic injection mold design, the EDM process has been widely employed to manufacture the mold core and cavity components. Normally, to produce one component, multiple electrodes will be used. The works related to the creation of electrode components and drawings, organizing EDM assembly drawing and BOM, and the planning the EDM process will occupy a large amount of time and human resources in the plastic mold design process.

In the latest 1.0.8 version of 3DQuickMold, the Electrode Wizard provides new function to batch generating of electrode component drawings with drawing views and major dimension created automatically. It also provides function to automate the creation of EDM electrode assembly drawing. The assembly drawing created will have drawing views in different EDM directions with major dimensions and electrode BOM created automatically. These new functions can reduce most of the repeated works done during the EDM electrode design, and speed up the overall turnover time for plastic injection mold design process.

With the enhancement requests from the customers, 3D QuickTools continuously develop new functions to enhance the ability and enrich the functionality of its products in the area of sheet metal stamping and plastic injection molding. And to help customers to improve their design efficiency to match up with the market needs.

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