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3D QuickTools Launches Energy Bars Service

Hong Kong, May 30, 2016 – 3D QuickTools has been developing tool design solutions on top of SOLIDWORKS over 14 years. More than 900 factory customers are using 3DQuickPress in tool design all over the world. 3D QuickTools built a lot of very handy tools which help SOLIDWORKS engineers to complete tool design involving repetitive modeling and drafting processes.

"Energy Bars" Service is being launched to SOLIDWORKS resellers they can offer 3D QuickTools handy tool sets to empower their existing customer base. SOLIDWORKS resellers may propose new functions to the service to make it more relevant to their specific customer sectors.

SOLIDWORKS users may see the demo with the Energy Bars Youtube link below and discuss with their SOLIDWORKS resellers how to access those functions.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, and 3DQuickForm. These applications provide the most advanced and comprehensive 3D progressive die design solution in the SOLIDWORKS environment. All products are supported by leading industrial support partners in major countries. For further information, visit www.3dquicktools.com.

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