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New Punch Detailing and Insert Creation Functions in 3DQuickPress

Hong Kong, June 20, 2016 – 3D QuickTools Ltd. announced the release of 3DQuickPress Version 6.1.3 in June 2016 to the international stamping market. To facilitate the requirement from the world’s stamping die design designers, 3D QuickTools Ltd. has introduced a set of new functions in the new version of 3DQuickPress to automate the design of tooling components like punches and inserts.

A punch heel create function was added to automate the creation of heel feature on cutting punches. With the heel feature, side thrust can be reduced and it ensures the punch and the die are line up properly. By using the new heel creation function of 3DQuickPress, a heel feature can be created by simply selecting an edge of the punch.

Round shoulder of cutting punch was another function added in 3DQuickPress to allow die designers to add a round shoulder to a punch automatically. The size of the round shoulder is estimated based on the size of the punch and can be adjusted by the user. Round shoulder with tapered can also be added with this new function.

3DQuickPress user normally will use the Insert PRL template to create inserts on die plate and create the pocket holes of the inserts afterwards. The new insert creation function allows user to create the insert component from the die plate even they don’t have an insert PRL template, and pocket on the die plate will be created automatically right after the insert is created.

With requests from the world’s customers over Japan, Germany, United States and South East Asia, 3D QuickTools introduces these new functions and enhancements through the continuous development of its products. And helps die designers to improve their design efficiency to match up with the market needs with these new design automation functions.

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